Star Wars Comic Box

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£16.99 / box(es)

An original 1970's Star Wars comic with a selection of your favourite sweets childhood sweets, not forgetting your Maynards Mystery Bag!!!

Included in this box:

An original 1970's Star Wars comic, Maynards mystery bag (contents a mystery),Bubble Bar 150g, 35g Flying Saucers, big 200g bag of our own Sweet Popcorn, 80g Fruit chews, 80g Terrific Turtles, 80g Pineapple Cubes,60g Pink & White Marshmallow, 3 Mega lollies ( cherry,tutti fruitti, bubblegum), Swizzles double dip, Drumstick chew bar,a bag of Fish & Chips, a bag of Rainbow Drops, Cola popping candy, a Bubblegum strip of 1p bubblies,  a Cherry wheel, Anglo bubbly, 2 Gobstoppers, Refresher chew, Rainbow belt!

Best before end of March 2016.

All comes wrapped and ribboned in a postal box to your door. £18 including the delivery.

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